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About Me

I live in Rhode Island where I was born & raised. When I was in elementary school I often played with my grandfather's Canon AE-1 or the Kodak 110mm (I googled it for you if you're curious). From there,  my mother enrolled me in classes at the local camera shop. In high school, I was able to learn the roots of photography with a film developing room. It was fun, but this is also where my love of digital photography and photoshop begin. I have been practicing photography for over 15 years.

Fun Fact!

If you check out my logo, you can find Jake's silhouette of a shot I took by chance at Jake's favorite swimming hole.

I live in Rhode Island where I was born & raised.

I am a natural light photographer offering outdoor or on-location family portraits in Rhode Island. My portrait services are available outdoors or in your home, I come to you! I am pleased to announce in-studio options coming soon by reservation only!  I have been carrying around a camera long before smartphones made it cool.  In my free time, I work at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park, where I am responsible for all things creative including branding, content, web & product design, social media, and marketing. I am also available for event photography, content or product photography, &  branding services for individuals or small businesses with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing and over 10 years’ experience in media content and advertising. I want to help you create content you need that fits your style and business.

Photo Credit:  Melanie Linden Chan

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